Make your own Carpet Refresher

I’m getting into making my own cleaning products. I find it’s way cheaper and pretty easy. And I usually have the ingredients on hand.

* This has nothing to do with carpet refresher. It’s just an awesome picture!

When you have little ones who are on the carpet most of the day (these little ones can be of the human and/or furry variety), you don’t want to put anything on that carpet that will eventually get into their mouths. They also can tend to make your carpet stinky. As well, when you put stuff on your carpet and then vacuum it up, you would be quite surprise at how much of that gets kicked up into the air and, subsequently, into your lungs.

So I found a carpet refresher that you can make yourself.

Take 1 cup of baking soda. Add either essential oils (very small amounts, the powder should NOT be wet) or crush some lavender in your hand and mix thoroughly. You could also add some spices that you like (cinnamon around Christmas might be nice). This is basically it. What, you were expecting more?

Keep in mind that if you are adding spices, herbs or oils, you should probably test this on an inconspicuous piece of carpet before shaking it all over your new white carpet. As well, if there are spices, don’t let it sit too long on the carpet. About 15 minutes should be fine. Don’t walk on it and grind it into the carpet, either. Vacuum it up and voila, de-stinkified carpet! And you don’t have to worry about pets and/or little ones getting chemicals into their mouths! It doesn’t get much better than that. Well, maybe it does. Maybe you could have attractive men vacuuming your carpet for you while you sit back, basking in their adoration, on a chaise lounge overlooking a beautiful ocean view on your beach front estate with a cool drink in your hand.

Here’s a recipe for a Sea Breeze. If you have enough of these, the first picture in this post will start to make sense. If anyone asks, the cranberry juice is great at preventing UTI’s and you’re fighting scurvy by getting lots of vitamin C.

1 1/2 ounce vodka

4 ounces grapefruit juice

1 1/2 ounce cranberry juice


lime wedge for serving

Add ice to a tall glass. Add vodka, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice. Stir and add wedge of lime. Enjoy!

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