Household Tips for Condiments

Ok, so since I’ve started making my own cleaning products, I’ve been thinking about how I have a lot of the ingredients already in the house. And then I started looking for tips and tricks for common items. And I found a surprising number of household tips for condiments. I haven’t really decided if these tips are awesome or gross (mayo as a moisturiser for your elbows?), but apparently they do work. Here’s what I’ve found:


  • Clean copper and brass (solid brass, not brass plate) items. Rub the ketchup on, wait 5-10 minutes or so, then wipe off and rinse well. Repeat, if necessary.
  • Remove skunk smell from pets. The acidity from the tomato helps get rid of the skunk smell.
  • Clean silver jewellery. Rub ketchup on the jewellery, using an old toothbrush to get into the crevasses. Wipe off and rinse immediately.


  • Dry mustard powder will remove the smell of onions and garlic from cutting boards and hands. Combine powder with water to form a paste, rub onto surface, let sit for about 5 minutes and then rinse off.
  • Mix 2 tsps of dry mustard with about 2 cups of water. Pour over soil around plants to deter worms. Lightly dust plants with dry powder to keep other pests away.
  • If you hit a skunk, dry mustard powder mixed with water will help remove the smell. Wash the tires, bumper, grill and splash the rest under the car.
  • If you want to remove food smell from bottles and reusable containers, squirt some mustard inside, fill with hot water, shake around and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Make sure you wash the containers before and after adding the mustard.


  • If you have water marks on wooden furniture, put some mayo on the stain and let it sit for about an hour or so, then wipe off. This should remove the mark.
  • To remove tar stains, rub some mayo in gently and the tar should wipe off.
  • To remove crayon stains from wooden furniture, rub mayo into the stain and let sit for 10 minutes. Wipe off and the marks should be gone.

Worcesche-whatever Sauce

  • Rub onto silverware to polish it, then rinse and dry.

So those are some of the weird tips I’ve found for condiments. Turns out they can do a lot more than just add flavour to sandwiches. I’ve left out the tips for using condiments as beauty products because no one wants to smell like they’re wearing Eau de BBQ. Well, maybe some guys would like it…… Maybe I should look into marketing that, actually….. PATENT PENDING!

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6 Responses to Household Tips for Condiments

  1. Reeni says:

    Some of these are wierd! My Grandma used to put mayo in her hair. That’s totally gross.

  2. Plum Kitchen says:

    Hi Laura, thanks for visiting my blog:) I tried putting beer in my hair when I was a teenager, supposed to make it shine…………instead it made me smell like a brewery, and I got a blast from Dad for using his last bottle of lager………. will try the mustard thing on my board though!

  3. Laura says:

    Lemon and salt helps to clean it, but the mustard really works to get rid of smells. I’ve heard of the beer in hair before, but have never tried it myself. I guess I’ll cross that off the list after your not so glowing endorsement. LOL.

  4. Fun ideas. My husband would think I lost my mind.

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