Devil’s Food Cake 2: The Reckoning

So I’m back from my dentist appointment (that dental hygienist must think I have nuclear secrets or something. Ouch!) and I’ve decided to give the cake recipe a try again, but this time in cupcake form! Whee! Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And it’ll be easier for me to bring to work so I don’t eat them as dessert for every meal. Breakfast could totally use dessert most days. That’s what I call starting a day off on the right foot.

I don’t need to take pictures for everything again, just mentally add a cup of water to the ingredient picture in the previous post.

I just followed the recipe again, but actually added the cup of water from a recently boiled kettle (perfect wording a la the one and only Nigella) after I added the chocolate and butter to the eggs and sugar. It gets really liquidy at this point, but gets thicker as you add the dry ingredients. The batter was much more liquid this time (like it should be) and it easily filled the cupcake pan. I used rainbow cupcake liners. Some day, I’ll get cupcake liners like these. So pretty. Love. Unfortunately, due to the cupcakes being chocolate, you can’t really see the rainbow colours. No love.

I overfilled some of the liners, so what should have made about 24 cupcakes only made 19. Oh well. They took about 20 minutes or so to cook. Here’s how they came out:

Ignore the one with the big crater in the middle. I’ll just fill that will a little extra frosting. He’ll be eaten first. Mmmmmm, frosting. The house smelled amazing, too!

I re-made said frosting, which turned out perfect again. It was light, fluffy and not too sweet. After the cuppy cakes cooled, I frosted them and ate one. There was a bit of frosting left over (probably would have frosted the full 24) that I attempted to eat. It was a little too rich, but I had fun trying.

The cupcakes were MUCH better than the cake. Who’d’a thunk a cup of water would transform a dense, cookie like cake into a light, moist cupcake (hurrr)? Yummy. I’m going to have to bring them to work tomorrow so I don’t gain 3 pounds by smelling them.

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7 Responses to Devil’s Food Cake 2: The Reckoning

  1. Astral says:

    My favourite, they look great x

  2. Nadia Gubba says:

    These look fantastic! You can’t beat choc cupcakes! Nxx

  3. Reeni says:

    I’m glad they turned out better this time! You can’t beat a good chocolate cupcake. And I could seriously do some damage to them in one night!

  4. Chocolate cupcakes are definitely my family’s first choice. Yours look great.

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