Summer Vegetables: Corn

Ok, fresh corn is just awesome! It’s more of a late summer vegetable, but I absolutely love it. Technically, corn isn’t really a vegetable, but a whole grain. It’s a good source of fibre, thiamin, folate and vitamin C. And when combined with beans, it is a complete protein, which is great for vegetarians. And, as it’s in season right now, there is no better time to eat fresh, local corn!

One tip for getting corn off the cob is to use a bundt pan. Put the stalk at the end of the ear into the hole in the middle for stabilization, then cut the kernels off the cob. They’ll all fall into the bundt pan and not be covered in blood from cutting your thumb off! Score!

One of my favourite ways to eat corn off the cob is to sautee it in butter. Just take some butter, throw in the kernels and sautee until tender. Add a pinch of salt and whatever herbs you like. Basil is really good in this. It’s a perfect, easy side to roast chicken. Yum. This time of year, though, you don’t even need to cook the corn. You can just take the kernels and dress them in a vinegrette (I like to use lime), add some chopped tomatoes, red onion and cilantro. Quick and easy side to grilled fish, steak, chicken, anything, really.

I usually leave the corn on the cob, though. The easiest way to cook it for a barbeque is to take 3-4 ears of corn, put it on top of a piece of tinfoil, add a pat of butter for each ear and a good sprinkle of salt and pepper. You can add any other spices you like, as well. Then wrap it up in the tinfoil. I usually wrap it with 3 layers of foil into a little packet. Make sure that there is just one row of cobs so they cook evenly. Just toss it onto the grill and turn it at least once. Then make your steaks. Yummy. Easy.

I also love to top the corn with compound butters. Compound butters is just softened butter that you add herbs, spices and other flavourings to. You form it into a log and let it harden in the fridge. Slice it into little coins and throw it on your corn, on top of grilled meats, veggies and fish. It’s awesome. You can make standard maitre d’ butter, which is butter with lemon zest, parsley, salt and pepper, or can add other flavourings. Red pepper flakes, sundried tomatoes, any herb, citrus zest and juice, anchovies, whatever you want to add. It’s delicious.

Go eat some corn in it’s natural state! It’s awesome!

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2 Responses to Summer Vegetables: Corn

  1. Plum Kitchen says:

    I am sooooo hanging out for summer, corn is one of my fav vegetables, yum! (as I write is is about 10C and pouring with rain, ho hum……..)
    My fav butter is with mushed up blue cheese, a squeeze of lemon, tint splash of worstershire sauce and finely chopped walnuts…….on top of steak, mmmm!

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