Retail Therapy

Who doesn’t love a little shopping? Well, I don’t really enjoy shopping in a traditional sense. I hate trying on clothes and shoes. I usually go in with a purpose. I go in, get what I want and get out. But lately, there are a few shops that I love to browse.

1. The Farmer’s Market

Roadside farmers' market in Bridgehampton, New...

Image via Wikipedia

I love looking at all of the fresh produce. The beautiful vegetables, herbs, eggs and flowers are all so pretty and fresh. I can also find local chickens, baked goods, honey and, as of this week, wild Chanterelle mushrooms (they have been screaming “RISOTTO!”). As well, my local market also has a petting zoo. They have some piggies, a donkey, rabbits, chickens, turkeys and a couple of jerk emus that like to peck everything in sight. I could spend hours there. And they sell ice cream…

2. The Craft Store


Image by NVinacco via Flickr

The Craft Store is such a wonderful place for inspiration. I can find cute little stickers, paint, beads, wood crafts, cake decorating supplies and pretty much everything else you could possibly need for all of your crafting desires. I’ve surprised myself by how much I enjoy spending time in the Craft Store. Every time I go, I find lots of little projects I can work on. I get inspired to make wreathes for Hallowe’en, table runners out of felt, big paper pompoms for parties, coasters, the list goes on and on. And, the last time I was there, I found propeller beanies? How could you not love a store that sells propeller beanies! I bought one for Grant and I. Best. Hats. Evaaarrr! Again, I could easily spend an afternoon and a shocking percentage of my paycheque at the Craft Store.

3. The Cookware Shop

La Cookshop

I get super-excited to spend time in a cookware store. I love to look at pots and pans. I spend some time fantasizing about the Le Creuset cookware. I spend too much time lingering over the baking section. Yesterday I spent 20 minutes looking at bundt pans, clafloutie pans, cookie cutters and ice-cream scoops. Love, love, love spending time there. I leave with recipes floating through my head and go home planning on making something new.

Go spend some time in these stores next time you want to do some shopping. I may get annoyed shopping for magic pants that don’t make my butt look huge, but I’ll always love spending time at farmer’s markets, craft stores and cookware shops.

Probably going to go back to the cookware shop tomorrow…

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