Breakfast in Bed

There is nothing nicer that getting breakfast in bed. When I was four, I tried to make my Mom tuna salad for breakfast in bed (I was a strange little kid). My hands were too weak (and probably not very clean), so I couldn’t squeeze out all of the water from the tin. And I put it on lettuce that was wilted by the time I got it on the tray and upstairs. Poor Mom had to choke it down and pretend it was delicious. Ahh, the memories.

Anyway, who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? Well, the crumbs aren’t that great, but you can deal with that later. The thing I like to remember about breakfast in bed is that it’s best if you don’t bring too many things that require a fork and knife. A fork, yes, but skip the knife. It’s kind of awkward and you might end up with the bacon being splattered on the wall. Bacon grease is not a part of any boudoir decor that I know of. I like to serve muffins, croissants, assorted pastries, fruit salad (no one wants to peel an orange in bed) and eggs and toast. You can also do french toast or pancakes, but I’d skip the waffles due to the aforementioned knife rule.

As well, since you’re making the effort, I like to serve a Mimosa (orange juice and champagne) or, my favourite, a Bellini. A Bellini is a mixture of sparkling wine, like Prosecco, and peach puree. It’s delicious and really makes the occasion seem special. As well, use cloth napkins and a cloth place mat on the tray. If you put a flower in a bud vase, you’re definitely getting some brownie points.

The tray is very important. After breakfast is done, you want to be able to clear the dishes away quickly so you can enjoy your reward, if you know what I mean. What? You’re already in bed!

Serve your sweetie breakfast in bed this weekend! Just skip the tuna salad…

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4 Responses to Breakfast in Bed

  1. Trembom says:

    I’ve had only coffee and Brazilian cheese bread rolls as my breakfast in bed version.still to try something a bit more on the French side.

  2. hehe that is such a cute story! 😛 I think my parents had to eat some strange things all in the name of parenthood! 😛

  3. barbarabakes says:

    It’s been ages since the kids brought me breakfast in bed – darn teenagers that like to sleep in. Fun post.

  4. This post made me giggle a number of times. I remember making my mum breakfast in bed when I was little, jam on toast, more butter than jam and missing chunks of bread due to my poor knife skills.

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