Label-Making Fun!

I bought a label-maker. My dad had one and after the novelty of writing “jerk-face” labels wore off, I saw that this could be quite useful. Specifically in my kitchen. So when I went to Costco with my mother today, I saw one for sale. This is the one I bought:

I’ve decided to name it Roberto, seeing as it has an n with a tilde on it (next to the z). Roberto is awesome. He has since labelled all of my flour, sugar and miscellaneous canisters in the kitchen. He has also labelled all of my spice jars, as well. Next, I labelled the bins in my front hall (can’t remember which bin has the umbrellas without pulling the bin down). Then onto the linen closet.

Roberto is my new favourite toy. The only beef I had was that he did not come with batteries. Le sigh. He came with white plastic, white paper and clear plastic labels. That way I can use different types of labels for different uses. I chose to use the clear plastic labels on all of my canisters and in the kitchen. In the linen closet and front hall, I used white plastic. So cute. So organized.

I may have gone overboard when I started to label the hangers in the closet…

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